The Hole — Chapter 15

A Novel of Supernatural Apocalypse

Aaron Ross Powell


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Moroni was here, in this world. Both of them knew it as soon as they were made aware of the nature of their quest. Furthermore, he was in Salt Lake City. That was why the crazies had migrated here. The Mad King had established his earthly kingdom and Elliot and Evajean were on its outskirts.

“He could be at the temple,” Evajean said. They stood in the hotel lobby, looking out at the dark and empty street. “The big one you see in pictures.”

Elliot thought about this. Back in the hotel room, they had quickly come to the conclusion that gathering weapons for some sort of assault would be meaningless against an enemy such as Moroni. Instead, the two of them would have to rely on prophecy, accepting as truth what they had read in each of the Smiths’ writings. They would have to rely on the impressions of Evajean. They were meant to destroy Moroni and everything they had done until now was leading them to that confrontation. Guns wouldn’t matter, neither would strategy or tactics. If they had within themselves the power to defeat this otherworldly being, then they would defeat him. But if he and Evajean were not the One Mighty and Strong, as Evajean seemed so certain, then no amount of preparation would make any difference.

“I don’t think that’s where he’ll be,” Elliot said. “When the Mormons came here, when they built this city, they were coming to something.”

“The salt lake.”

As soon as he said it, a shock wave went through Elliot’s mind. He stared at her and she at him. Something tickled his consciousness. “Remember,” a voice inside him said. “It is time to remember.”

They left the hotel and with it the journals, leaving them behind on the bed in the room. Neither noticed their absence but, even if they had, they would have known that those messages from the past had fulfilled their purpose and were no longer needed. Now the only purpose left was the one that had driven the lives of Elliot Bishop and Evajean Rhodes.

“Is it far, do you think?” Evajean said after they had walked west for several minutes.



Aaron Ross Powell

Host of the ReImagining Liberty podcast. Writer and political ethicist. Former think tank scholar.