I haven’t seen the latest X-Men movie, and the earlier ones I saw so long ago that I don’t have much memory of the specifics. From what I remember, though, I feel like they’re closer to the Marvel style as I describe it than to the DC style. For the first X-Men movies, that could’ve been simply a technology thing. It would’ve cost a ton of money in 2000 to make movie that looks like Batman v Superman.

Just on the visuals — as opposed to any intent behind those visuals — the X-Men movies arguably are even more Marvel Studios style than the MCU. The X-Men costumes have always looked to me like not terribly great cosplay. They look not like what you’d get if comic book superheroes existed in this world, but more like what you do get when people in this world dress up as comic book superheroes. But that critique’s really limited to just the costume design.



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