From Aaron Ross Powell, author of the apocalyptic horror novel The Hole, comes this collection of six stories of crime and terror.

You can get the book on Amazon, listen to it on Audible, or read each of the stories by following the links below.

  • “Snowed In” tells the story of three people with secrets to hide who meet at a roadside bar during a storm–and learn that there’s nothing deadlier than each other. Read it here.
  • In “Helix,” a detective takes a case that leads him into the twisted world of genetic modification and artificial intelligence. Read it here.
  • The violent noir “Let Sleeping Gods” features a bad man doing very bad things to prevent the end of the world.
  • “What the People Want” is an alternate history legal mystery about what happens when the law becomes a product of popular culture.
  • “Traffic Light” is about a carjacking with a terrible motive.
  • In “Old Lady Prideaux’s Terrible Menagerie,” an ex-cop is asked to investigate the odd old lady who lives across the street–and discovers truths far weirder than he could’ve imagined. Read it here.



Political ethicist. Writer. Podcaster. Free Market Buddhist.

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