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Political ethicist. Writer. Podcaster. Free Market Buddhist.

It’s no accident Hawley seeks to subvert the republic. It’s always been his goal.

A look at what the Buddha actually said about acquiring and spending wealth.

The first of the new Legend of the Five Rings novels is pretty fun.

The Buddha’s parable of the two arrows of suffering helps us understand why our politics seems so broken and harmful, and how we can fix it.

They can’t escape Trumpism, but they can’t win with it, either.

The Buddha told us to interrogate our beliefs and discard those that aren’t helpful. This advice could radically change our politics.

Critiquing the case against consumerism, exploring the dangers of political consumerism, and showing how market innovation enables the cultivation of Buddhist values and practices.

The Dangers of Consumerism

The parallels are strong—and troubling.

Laws depend on enforcement, which depends on violence. Does this violate Buddhist ethics regarding harm, even if we don’t intend the violence?

Aaron Ross Powell

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